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Why Choose a Business Park in Carroll Iowa?

Business Park in Carroll Iowa

Do you need a new place to build your business? Are you relocating? Don't know where to go? Well, have no fear! We are here for you, and we will welcome you with open arms into our busy Carroll community!

Many successful businesses have found their way to Carroll due to its quality workforce just shy of 90,000, which studies have shown have a high degree of productivity while showing low absenteeism. Some of these businesses include Pella Corporation, Core-Mark Midcontinent Inc., UTC Aerospace, American Home Shield, Farmland and many other who are also suited near this attractive piece of property.

What's so great about Carroll? The better question is, what's not great about Carroll? We may not be New York City or Chicago, but we've got a lot to offer! We have a steady population of around 10,000, which means a tight-knit community and safety. Our town is beautiful, and there is always something going on.  If you need a new business, this is the place! We are the hub of Western Iowa, and also have a junction of highway 71 and highway 30, which means that we get a lot of traffic! We're also located close to the Arthur N. Neu Municipal Airport making it convenient for all of your business travel.

Lots for Sale in Carroll Iowa

Ashwood Business Park is located in a beautiful, open part of Carroll, and already have major services in place for you! We're shovel ready, sewer ready, water ready, and internet ready, so all you have to do is build and go! Your business won't have to wait to get hooked up to utilities once it is built. You will save time and money by building your business in Ashwood Business Park.

Location for any business is an important part of their success. It is one of the most important decisions a business owner has to make. Ashwood Business Park has taken the hard part out of looking for land to build your business on. We have made the business park easily accessible, located near other businesses that draw clientele, created convenient parking areas, made sure that all the utilities are available, and planned a beautiful landscaped area for your business. Our goal it to make the transition of moving or building your new business an easy one.

The lots for sale in Carroll Iowa in the Ashwood Business Park are ready to go whenever you are. You won't find a better place to build your business and have the land ready to go when you are ready to build.

If moving your business means moving your family, and any of your employees, have no fear about that, either! We offer great schools, academics, sports, drama, whatever you're interested in here! We have Carroll Public Schools, and the Kuemper Catholic School System, so whatever background you come from or whatever you're looking for, you'll be sure to find it! Carroll is a great community, and you sure don't want to miss us! If you need a great place to build your business, we're it!

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