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If your manufacturing business is looking for a prime location, Ashwood Business Park is the place to build. ABusinesses that Benefit in Iowa at Ashwood Business Park manufacturing company needs access to highways and a spacious place for large equipment. Ashwood Business Park has that plus much more. The business park already has all utilities ready and also internet ready.

Iowa's government supports new businesses and work with business owners with funding. With helpful tax policies, enterprise zones, and financial incentives, your manufacturing company will be off to a great start. Location is one of the most important decisions that is made in the beginning of starting a manufacturing business. Many considerations and components such as labor, taxes and utilities are key as to where to locate a business.

Iowa is known for having employees with great work ethics. Once you start your business, you will be able to find employees that have a good education and are reliable. The developers of Ashwood Business Park planned the site out carefully with beautiful landscaping, spacious parking area, and access road. We will help divide the lots to your specifications and needs.

Because of the location of Ashwood Business Park, it is ideal for getting a manufacturing business the exposure it needs and transportation routes it needs. Our goal is to get your business up and running smoothly and with little disruption. Let Ashwood Business Park help get your manufacturing business off the ground.

Iowa is the place to start a manufacturing business with its financial aid and Midwest location. Don't hesitate to contact the developers of Ashwood Business Park with any questions you have regarding starting your manufacturing business. We are here to help.


Starting a warehouse business takes research and planning. Let Ashwood Business Park take care of the location for you. When you build your warehouse business in Ashwood Business Park, you will be in a prime location for all of your needs. It is located at the junction of highway 71 and highway 30 giving your warehouse easy access.

The lots already have all the utilities up and running plus internet ready. You won't have to wait after your warehouse is built for utilities. It's all ready to go.

As your warehouse needs grow, Ashwood Business Park has the space to keep it growing. You won't have to consider moving to another location. You will be able to add to your warehouse needs right in the same place. Our developers will help you with dividing the lots for your specific needs.

The Ashwood Business Park has landscaping already done, plus an access road and parking. If you are in need of a place to build your warehouse, Ashwood Business Park is the ideal place. Iowa's government is willing to work with business owners to help with funding. They have helpful tax policies, enterprise zones, and financial incentives.

Because of its location, your warehouse goods will be able to be shipped out or shipped in easily. The highway and airport are located close, so the distribution of your warehouse inventory, will be easy. Contact us for your warehouse building needs today. We will help get your warehouse built quickly and smoothly.

Office Company

If you are a new company or an existing company that is looking to build a new office building, let Ashwood Business Park get your new office off the ground quickly and with little disruption. The internet and utilities at Ashwood Business Park are already there, so your office will be up and running as soon as it is built. An office needs easy access to the highway and airport. Ashwood Business Park is located at the junction of highway 71 and highway 30. The Carroll, Iowa airport is close by, giving clients and employees easy access for their traveling needs.

When starting a new office or moving your existing office, there is a lot to consider. Let Ashwood Business Park help by getting your office built in a prime location. It will get a lot of exposure because it will be located near other businesses. Let us take one of the worries out of building your new office.

With the help of Iowa's government with funding, you can get started on your new office sooner rather than later. Our developers have taken a lot of consideration when they developed Ashwood Business Park. The beautiful landscaping, ample parking and access road will keep your clients coming back. It is important to have a location that employees can easily get to and from work.

Let the developers of Ashwood Business Park get your office built for you with little disruption. We will work with you on the dividing of the lots to your specific needs. Contact us today.

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